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The teaching innovation idea exploring for College football training

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.073


Xiaowei Di, Huhu Lian

Corresponding Author

Xiaowei Di


Nowadays there are many colleges and universities have set up different kinds of sports teaching, mainly in order to enhance the students' physical quality, football is a kind of these sports and a lot of colleges and universities have set up. But the traditional teaching methods, there are many shortcomings in country is advocated innovation type teaching, the teaching idea is also used in the football teaching in colleges and universities, and achieved good results, the education system in the reform, also in constant innovation. In this paper, some problems existing in college football teaching has carried on the simple analysis, and introduces the innovative teaching in college football teaching, the application of more can highlight the important role of teaching innovation.


Colleges and universities, football, training, teaching, innovation.