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The Relationship between the Social Production Mode of Marxism-Leninist Political Economy and Modern Industrial Society

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.141


Yuan Na

Corresponding Author

Yuan Na


Marxist-Leninist political economics believes that people organize production activities in a social environment, and form a certain interest relationship, that is, distribution relationship, in the production process. Production relations and distribution relationships are two aspects of the same thing that correspond to productivity. Leaving the distribution to talk about production, production will become production in general. Leaving production talks about distribution, distribution will lose the premise of existence. The basic trend of the distribution relationship also indicates that the production relationship determines the distribution relationship, and what kind of distribution method is indispensable in what kind of production mode. The distribution relationship is the result of changes in the production relationship, and the rational adjustment of the production relationship will promote productivity. In the process of economic development, consciously adjusting the distribution relationship and production relations according to the development of productivity is of great benefit to promoting sustained and rapid economic development.


Social production methods, Capital theory, Production relations, Distribution relations