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Research on Management Decision-making Innovation of Higher Education under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.140


Huang Muqian, Chen Wanjun

Corresponding Author

Huang Muqian


Education big data is a collection of educational data that guides the development of education and has potential value for education application, including all education-related data collected during teaching and education processes, education management services; it has the characteristics of large amount of data, fast flow, many types, and great potential value. Higher education is a practical process involving multiple factors and complex relationships, which needs to draw on big data-driven data management concepts, introduce data management techniques, reform traditional management decision-making models, and improve the accuracy, sensitivity, and forward-looking of higher education management decisions. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing previous research works, this paper expounds the connotation, characteristics, functions and application value of education big data and the development status and challenges of higher education management decision-making, analyzes the profound influence of big data on higher education management decision-making, and proposes the practical approaches of higher education management decision-making in the context of big data. The study results of this paper provide a reference for further research on the innovation of higher education management decision-making under the background of big data.


Management decision-making innovation, Higher education, Big data