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Research on the Application of Art Education Form in the Cultivation of College Students' Humanistic Literacy

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.136


Lou Yang

Corresponding Author

Lou Yang


Art education can improve people's aesthetic psychological structure, cultivate people's rich imagination, keen perception and unlimited creativity. It has rich humanistic connotation and is one of the important assistant methods of humanistic quality education for college students. In the process of humanistic quality education in Colleges and universities, the functions of moral education, intellectual education, aesthetic education and aesthetic appreciation contained in art education can be penetrated into the educational methods to improve the humanistic quality of College students, which can effectively stimulate their innovative ability, enhance their cultural accomplishment and shape healthy personality. This paper starts with the analysis of the current situation of the overall humanistic quality of Chinese college students and the existence of Chinese traditional art, and expounds that the education of combining traditional art with the humanistic quality training of college students can not only contribute to the establishment of College Students' national spirit, but also to the inheritance of Chinese traditional art.


College students, Humanistic literacy, Art education, Training