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Research on the Influence of Cross-border E-commerce on Regional Industry Competitiveness under SCP Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.135


Guishuang Wang, Honglei Dai

Corresponding Author

Guishuang Wang


Structure-conduct-performance (SCP) model refers to the market's decision on the behavior of the company in the market, and the corporate behavior determines the economic performance of all aspects of the market operation, that is, the influence of external impact is analyzed from the perspective of specific industry structure, corporate behavior and economic performance. Cross-border e-commerce refers to an international business activity in which transaction entities belonging to different customs territory reach a transaction through e-commerce platform for payment settlement, and deliver goods through cross-border logistics; its development level and vitality for a region plays a very important role in the foreign trade development of a region and the transformation and upgrading of traditional forms of trade operations. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing previous research works, this paper analyzes the impact of cross-border e-commerce on the industrial competitiveness of typical regions by using the SCP model in industrial economics theory, and clarifies the external international environment and impact faced by regional industrial competitiveness, and proposes corresponding solutions and measures. The study results of this paper provide a reference for further research on the impact of cross-border e-commerce on regional industrial competitiveness under SCP mode.


SCP mode, Cross-border e-commerce, Regional industry competitiveness