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An Analysis of College Student’s Consumption Psychology in Frontier Minority Areas from the Perspective of Network Lending

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.133


Yang Chunyao, Shen Huan

Corresponding Author

Yang Chunyao


With the continuous maturity and development of Internet technology, the online lending platform appears and rises rapidly. Although online lending has provided some convenience in meeting the financing needs of small and micro enterprises and individuals, it has led to chaos due to the poor supervision of the network platform and the financial sector, resulting in many students falling into the usury trap of bad online lending. Based on this, this paper studies the influencing factors of network lending on the consumption psychology of college students in frontier ethnic areas, and explores the long-term mechanism of cultivating college student’s daily behavior norms and preventing the risk of campus network lending. Efforts should be made to improve the pertinence and timeliness of ideological and political education for college students, and to promote college students in economically underdeveloped areas to form a positive and healthy concept of network consumption and financing, so that a good campus network lending market environment will be created.


Online lending, Frontier ethnic areas, College students, Consumer psychology