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Based on the Study of Industrial Revitalization in Northeast China

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.130


Shiyuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shiyuan Zhang


Industrial bases in northeast China play a very important role in national economic and social development. We should speed up the adjustment, transformation and revitalization of industrial bases in northeast China. Due to the adjustment of China's economic structure and the improvement of the degree of marketization, the northeast heavy industry base with capital-intensive as its core lacks its self-generating capacity. Northeast Industrial Base is an important industrial base established after the founding of New China, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of China's modern industry. With the gradual implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the Northeast industrial base, the economic development of Northeast China needs the strong support of the Northeast financial system. As an open and complex giant system, the regional economy has some inherently identical laws. In the 11th Five-Year Plan, the Party Central Committee made a strategic decision to revitalize the Northeast Industrial Base, which brought a rare opportunity for economic revitalization in the Northeast. Based on the theory of financial development, this paper studies the level of financial development in the Northeast and proposes policy recommendations for the revitalization of industries in the Northeast.


Northeast region, Industry, Economic development, Industrial revitalization