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Discussion on the application of “dual-drive” practical teaching mode in application-oriented university

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.127


Lai Jieyu

Corresponding Author

Lai Jieyu


Practice teaching is not only an important link between theory and practice, but also an important way to improve students' social professional quality and employment competitiveness. Under the background of application-oriented university, the reform of practical teaching is imperative. Taking the practical teaching reform of e-commerce major in Guangzhou College of Technology and Business as an example, with years of practical teaching experience and relevant research results, this paper proposes a “dual-drive” practical teaching mode with “PAD class+ extracurricular practice” based on Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion class(PAD).Realize the organic combination of theory teaching, interactive teaching and practice teaching, so as to improve teaching efficiency and teaching quality.


Application-oriented university, E-commerce, PAD class, Dual - drive practical teaching