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Primary discussion on the integration of university national vocal music education and original folk songs

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.070


Xiao Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiao Wang


Original folk songs are China's important national art treasure and the source for innovative development of Chinese national music. With high social value and art value, original folk songs as China's important intangible cultural heritage are of great significance to transmit Chinese excellent national culture. Integrating original folk songs into university national vocal music education will have great function on the inheritance and development of excellent national culture, improvement of students' comprehensive quality, national vocal musical teachers' teaching level. The paper has discussed the connotation of original folk songs and explored the spiritual cultural value, and then explored the function of integrating university national vocal education and original folk songs, and then proposed several comments on how to integrate original folk songs with university national vocal education.


University, National vocal music education, Original folk song, Integration.