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Research and Practice on the Training Model of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents for Modern Agriculture

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.123


Du Bin

Corresponding Author

Du Bin


Building an innovative country with an innovative national soul, deepening the reform of innovative entrepreneurship education, and cultivating creative talents serving the needs of the construction of an innovative country and the development of modern agriculture are the important missions of agricultural and forestry universities. Aiming at the problem of how agricultural and forestry universities can better cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents adapted to the development of modern agriculture, this paper constructs a new model of “1334” double-creative talents cultivation based on five projects, such as the pilot project of the National New Rural Development Research Institute and the key topic of provincial education and teaching reform.That is to establish a high-quality talent training goal of “three rural” feelings, knowing science and technology, being able to innovate, and dare to start a business, and establishing a full-member participation, all-round financing, and the whole process through three mechanisms. We will open up three ways to cultivate spiritual consciousness, build a knowledge system, and enhance the ability of dual innovation, and establish a system, a mentor, a platform, and a fund. As an important carrier for deepening the reform of education and teaching and the construction of disciplines, this model is an all-round collaborative education platform system that integrates production, study and research, and agricultural science and education. It is characterized by the guidance of the mentoring scientific research project and the cultivation of scientific and technological service projects. After a certain period of exploration and practice, it effectively solves the two major drawbacks of training talents in agricultural and forestry universities and how to cultivate dual-creative talents, and enhances the dual-creative talents. Cultivate quality, with a view to the emergence of a large number of innovative entrepreneurial models that serve modern agriculture.


Agricultural and Forestry Universities, Double Creative Talents Training, New pattern