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Research on Co-development and Sharing Mechanism of Digital Educational Development Resources Based on Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.118


Yanwen Wu

Corresponding Author

Yanwen Wu


The development of regionalization and differentiation of Chinese economy, the unbalanced characteristics of educational development resources among regions, between urban and rural areas in the region, between key schools and non-key schools are becoming increasingly obvious. The lack of educational development resources and limited allocation of high-quality educational resources are becoming increasingly prominent and problematic. Cloud technology can economically share educational resources, provide easy access and maximize the benefits of resources. With access to higher quality education resources, it can greatly improve the sharing of the overall improvement of regional education levels. Based on the analysis of the existing problems in the development of network education resources sharing, this paper explores the network education development resources from the aspects of establishing network education resource management departments and coordination agencies, standardizing management of resource development and utilization, and improving incentive and guarantee mechanisms.


Cloud Computing, Educational Development Resources, Co-development and Sharing Mechanism