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Design and Application of Mixed Learning Model of Higher Vocational English Based on Rain Class

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.117


Zhixia Zheng

Corresponding Author

Zhixia Zheng


In today's highly developed mobile Internet and the widespread popularity of smartphones, especially in the era of rapid development and renewal of various new types of social media, the communication links between contemporary college students are more inclined to use “microblogging, WeChat, QQ, etc.” “Mobile instant messaging (MIM) application” to achieve high-time, diverse information exchange. MIM applications have outstanding performance that can be used anytime and anywhere, and have great potential for creating a new learning environment to support learning. The mobile learning model is bound to become a popular new learning method among “digital generation” college students. In the past two years, various smart learning apps developed on the basis of smart phones have developed rapidly. They are represented by the “rain classroom”, a smart learning platform jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Xuetang Online. They also include “Google Classroom” and “Super Star Learning Pass”. “Blue ink cloud class class”, “classroom class”, etc., have been rushed to study and practice by colleges and universities. This paper is to apply the smart learning platform rain classroom to the practical study of mixed learning and teaching in the course of university compulsory course “University Physics”.


Rain Class, Mixed Learning Mode, Design and Application Method