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Research on the Interaction between Party Building and Ideological and Political Education of College Students under the Background of Self-media

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.111


Kai Liang

Corresponding Author

Kai Liang


With the development of society and the innovation of information communication technology, self-Media has gradually become a popular form of communication among college students. However, its virtuality and uncontrollability will have a negative impact on Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities. Therefore, based on the background of self-media, this paper will study the interaction between Party building and ideological and political education of College students. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the current ideological and political education of college students from the background of media, and proposes corresponding improvement points. Studies have shown that in the current era of self-media background, the party building work of colleges and universities is related to the great cause of the party and the country. We should proceed from the current practical situation of students and advance with the times in ideological education and organizational development. To enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological and political education.


Self-media background, college students, party building work, ideological politics, educational interaction