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Research on Curriculum Reform of Chinese Language and Literature Education Major Based on Modern Social Background

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.110


Yuhong Li

Corresponding Author

Yuhong Li


The new curriculum reform has been continuously popularized in China's education system. Through the interpretation of ancient and modern Chinese works, the teaching of Chinese language and literature specialty shows the charm of Chinese to students, improves their Chinese literacy, and increases their social practice ability and personal charm. Chinese language and literature is a discipline with a profound history. As Chinese classical literature is more and more valued by people, Chinese language and literature are becoming more and more popular. Especially in the Chinese language and literature education majors in colleges and universities, it is necessary to train students in the teaching mode under the new curriculum reform. There is still a certain distance between the previous curriculum system and the requirements for cultivating new language teachers. It is extremely urgent to further reform and improve the curriculum system of the major. In the process of training the new curriculum reform teaching mode in colleges and universities, the school needs to optimize according to the actual situation to ensure the popularization of the new curriculum reform in China. This paper discusses the thoughts and concrete measures of modern Chinese curriculum reform from the aspects of problems before the reform, principles of applied curriculum reform, demand-oriented analysis of curriculum reform, and measures of curriculum reform.


Modern society, Chinese language and literature, Specialized courses, Reform