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Studies on vocal musical educational reformation in Chinese high normal university under the background of full implementation of new curriculum standard

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.068


Yaxiong Mao

Corresponding Author

Yaxiong Mao


With the issuance of new curriculum reform, vocal musical in high normal university has embraced new development upsurge. Researchers and high vocal musical teachers have conducted in-depth exploration on the educational concept, teaching method and ways, contents and other aspects of vocal musical education, and obtained a certain theoretical research achievements, and made great contribution to vocal musical educational reform in high normal university. But limited by some subjective and objective factors, there exist limitations and inadequacies in studies. Thus, it requires further exploration in high normal university's vocal musical education by combining with the reality, teaching practice on the basis of existing research achievements from different perspectives and levels so as to make contributions to the development of vocal musical education in Chinese high normal university.


New curriculum standard, High normal university, Vocal music education, Teaching reform.