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Study on the Reform of the Training Mode of Talents in Broadcasting and Hosting Art from the Perspective of Spoken Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.103


Yang Qv

Corresponding Author

Yang Qv


In China's broadcasting and hosting art talent training mode, less attention is paid to the cultivation of the “human” as the main subject of communication in the future. A large number of modeled trainings create a stylized language “representation” ability, rather than the ability to produce, produce, disseminate, feedback, and correct language as the main body of speech generation “human”, as in oral communication. The oral form of the announcer and the presenter is a model of language application in human society. The state of communication presented by the broadcast host activity is completely covered in the study of oral communication. There is a general and special relationship between the language transmission phenomenon of the announcer and the presenter and the theory of oral communication. Therefore, from the perspective of oral communication, we re-examine the training mode of broadcasting and presiding art professionals. We realize that broadcasting and hosting education is the oral communication education with “people” as the main body; training broadcasting and hosting ability is the ability to create oral communication. Spoken communication can provide theoretical support and guidance for various practice links of broadcasting and hosting teaching.


Broadcasting and Hosting Art, Spoken Communication, Training Mode