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In View of Primary Chinese Writing Reform Based on Thinking Collision

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.087


Chunxiang Shang

Corresponding Author

Chunxiang Shang


The new curriculum reform is proceeding rapidly under the guidance of the new curriculum education and teaching philosophy, the teaching mode of Chinese education has undergone a great change and the concept of education and teaching has undergone profound changes. The relationship between teachers and students in the Chinese teaching classroom has also undergone an essential change which has made the students to become the main body of the Chinese language classroom. Therefore, the Chinese teachers should also strengthen the transformation of language as a whole in the process of education and teaching as the overall reform of primary school language is based on thinking collision will effectively adapt to the requirements of the new curriculum reform. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the research of teaching methodology.


Thinking Collision, Primary School Language, Overall Reform