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Analysis based on the New Phase Development and Innovative Path of Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.085


Liu Yang

Corresponding Author

Liu Yang


With the reform of China's educational system, greater requirements are put forward for college education. Presently, people from different personage have begun to give more attention to the quality education of ordinary high school students and gradually aspiring the vitality of life, but it also changes the evaluation criteria of art because vocal music teaching in colleges and universities is one of the core contents of the high school teaching system and it has a non-negligible role in the process of students and their growth, it is also conducive to the dissemination of multicultural education. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the needs of modern education for traditional teaching concepts and teaching models but in the context of the new curriculum based on the problems existing in the development of vocal music teaching, colleges and universities in the new era, an effective innovation path should be proposed to better improve the learning effect of students.


New phase, university, vocal music teaching, innovation path