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Research on the Chinese Piano Music Teaching Model of “Quadruple Music Intelligence Concept” under the Theory of Cognitive Science

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.082


Chen Jing

Corresponding Author

Chen Jing


According to the concept of STEAM education and theory of cognitive science, as well as discipline positioning and knowledge structure of piano teaching, the combination of teaching model “Quadruple Music Intelligence Concept” and “EPOM” practice mode was explored and created (namely a teaching and practice model comprising of music information processing, music tone construction, music technique acquisition, music capacity generation; experience-action practice, process-period practice, object-performance practice, music-scheme practice). Furthermore, using mixed, open teaching and interdisciplinary thinking, a “teaching” and “learning” model suiTable for Chinese piano works was discussed, for the purpose of promoting the popularization, inheritance and development of Chinese piano works.


Chinese Piano Music, Quadruple Music Intelligence Concept, Teaching Model, STEAM, Cognitive Science, “EPOM”