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Does foreign direct investment affect the optimization of the industrial structure of the home country?

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.081


He Banglu, Wu Xiumin

Corresponding Author

Wu Xiumin


This paper analyzes the status quo of foreign direct investment in China over the years, combined with the actual development of the industry, selects the non-financial foreign direct investment (hereinafter referred to as foreign direct investment) and industrial structure data from 1984 to 2017 in China, and uses regression analysis to analyze the relationship between the two. Empirical analysis. The results show that foreign direct investment has a significant positive effect on the optimization of China's industrial structure. The Chinese government can promote the coordinated development of the three major industries by stimulating high-efficiency foreign investment, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial structure.


Foreign direct investment, fdi industrial structure upgrade