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The Application of Educational Management Psychology in the Management of College Students in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.075


Xuefei Liu, Ying Wang

Corresponding Author

Xuefei Liu


With the popularization of higher education and the expansion of College enrollment, the proportion of student managers and students is seriously uneven, and the situation of student management in Colleges and universities is grim. Educational management psychology is an important part of psychology. With the continuous development of society, educational management psychology in China integrates cognitive psychology, educational psychology, organizational management and other disciplines, and has made great achievements. Educational management psychology is an important factor to improve the quality of college students' management. This paper deeply analyzes the effective measures to improve the management quality of college students' management work, and uses the relevant theories and methods of psychology to carry out student management work and scientifically grasp the students' thoughts, the law of psychological and behavioral development changes. Through the analysis of the current state of students' thinking, the methods and means of applied psychology are explored to promote the effectiveness of work and improve the scientific nature of management.


Education Management, Psychology, Student Management