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The Professional Psychological quality and its cultivation of College counselors in the New period

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.061


Jianchan Zhang, Lina Du

Corresponding Author

Jianchan Zhang


With the continuous development of social civilization, the continuous improvement of economic strength and the rapid change of scientific and technological means, The communication and contact between people is becoming more and more convenient. The use of mechanical equipment such as mobile phones and computers makes people realize “no matter how far away they are from the ends of the earth”. However, the rapid social development has also brought a lot of drawbacks. The development of the rapid era makes people's physical and mental pressure too great, and many people begin to be impetuous, depressed and even in a confused state. This kind of psychological emotion is especially obvious in the college students. In recent years, the psychological guidance room and counselor's office in colleges and universities are the places that college students often visit. Counselors have done a lot of guidance on the management and guidance of students' psychological problems, life problems and learning problems, so the counselors themselves have also done a lot of guiding work. We should have some basic professional psychological quality, which is not only in the psychological health of students and the management of study and life, but also in order to dredge their emotions in the heavy work pressure.


New period, College counselors, Professional Psychological quality