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A Study on the Regional Impact of Business Reform and Increase-A Case Study of the Effect of Value Added Tax Reform on the Development of Tianjin's Industry Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.057


Xiaofang Tang

Corresponding Author

Xiaofang Tang


The economic structure problems caused by the concurrent management of VAT and Business Tax in the current circulation tax system are becoming more and more serious. Fundamentally, they are the stumbling block of the stagnation of modern service industry, which has formed greater resistance to the upgrading of industrial structure and economic transformation advocated by our country together. Therefore, it is the only way for China's financial system to expand the scope of VAT taxation to the service industry and to cover all kinds of VAT Taxation so as to establish a modern VAT system in line with the international standards. But it is certain that behind this reform, there are many issues worthy of deep consideration, which are closely related to this reform. Following is an analysis of the problems existing in the reform of VAT in Tianjin from two aspects: economic development and fiscal policy.


VAT reform, industry economic development reform, economic structure