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Study on Problems and Strategies of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.063


Zhengyu Fan

Corresponding Author

Zhengyu Fan


As the state overall enhances attention to higher education and actively promotes popularization of higher education, college enrollment scale has expanded gradually in recent years. This facilitates the improvement of talent training quality and has important influence on the development of social construction cause. But it cannot be denied that, the expansion of college enrollment scale also leads to the increase of graduates and the aggravation of competitions. How to cultivate students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability in college education? This has become a key problem that college educators pay attention to. Starting from the problems of implementing innovation and entrepreneurship education by colleges, this paper studies the measures to overall promote innovation and entrepreneurship education, in the hope of improving teaching status and indicating the future direction for students.


College, Innovation and entrepreneurship education, Talent training mode.