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Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education of University Advisors

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.052


Lina Du, Jianchan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lina Du


To improve the effectiveness of the educational work of the counsellors in colleges and universities is to improve the work quality and the working efficiency of the counsellors in the ideological and political education work as much as possible, and the influence of the values of the students' ideological and political life on the values of the ideological and political life of the students. The improvement of this effect requires a combination of various aspects, such as the comprehensive quality of the educator itself, the value concept of the university student itself, the importance of the university itself on the ideological and political work, and the common influence of the social environment. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve the educational concept and the way of education of the counsellor, and constantly apply the innovative teaching method to the actual life of the students.


University, Advisor, Ideological and political education, Effectiveness