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Study on the model of physical education flip classroom teaching based on the micro-course of sports projects

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.045


Yipai Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yipai Jiang


With the rapid development of the times, the reform and change of education, quality education has put forward new requirements for the university physical education system, but in many college teachers, physical education teachers are affected by the profound influence of traditional ideas, still use duck-filling method teaching, which has a very large impact on teaching effect. And it turns out that it's beneficial to apply flip-class mode in college sports. This paper first analyzes the problems in physical education in colleges and universities, then makes a brief analysis of the connotation of flipping the classroom teaching mode, and finally discusses the specific application of this new teaching mode in physical education, hoping to play a certain reference role for the education industry.


Physical education teaching, Flipped Classroom, Teaching model