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An Empirical Research on FCM of English Course for Chinese High-education from the Perspective of MOOC

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.036


Pingping Xiong, Zhihao Yang

Corresponding Author

Pingping Xiong


How to innovate teaching models so as to improve the quality of teaching has already been one of the hottest topic of a new-round teaching reform in China nowadays. Based on the previous research findings, this thesis, by using the existing platform of campus network, created a FCM (Flipped Classroom) Model for English-major courses from the perspective of MOOC, which was then applied successfully to classroom teaching of English course for English majors of a Chinese university. The results indicated that compared with traditional teaching model, the FCM had a more obviously positive effect on motivating interest and correcting attitude of Chinese students’ learning, and was more able to effectively promote English proficiency and learning autonomy of Chinese students.


MOOC perspective, English courses for English-major, Flipped Classroom, Chinese university