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Analysis of the Principles of L2 Vocabulary Teaching Based on the Combination of Structure-Function-Context

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.034


GuliAyimu Yakefu

Corresponding Author

GuliAyimu Yakefu


Some new ideas are proposed on the basis of the discussion of the principle of L2 vocabulary teaching in academic circles. Based on the basic concept of “three-one grammar” combining structure-function-context, the vocabulary teaching in February is more accurately discussed, adhering to some basic principles: the principle of combining meaning and usage, the principle driven by typical context, The principle of minimum difference in word discrimination and the comparative reference principle of inter-lingual difference are used to analyze the teaching principle of second-language vocabulary, and further propose that the teaching terms and vocabulary levels that need attention in actual vocabulary teaching are consistent.


Structure, function, context, second language vocabulary, teaching