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Study on the Protection of Rural Industrial Heritage and Tourism Utilization under the New Urbanization

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.028


He Wangfang, Jiang Wennan

Corresponding Author

He Wangfang


The rural industrial heritage not only contains the excellent industrial civilization of the Chinese nation, but also the witness of the history of industrial development in China. Therefore, the inheritance of rural industrial genetic protection and tourism utilization is of great significance to the inheritance of China's industrial civilization and the construction of new urbanization. At present, China's rural industrial heritage protection and tourism utilization issues are still prominent, affecting the protection of China's industrial heritage, leading to the blockage of rural economic development. Therefore, through the strengthening of rural industrial heritage protection under the new towns, integration of rural industrial heritage tourism resources, enrichment of rural industrial heritage and tourism utilization types, the protection and integration and development of rich rural industrial heritage.


New urbanization, rural industrial heritage protection, tourism utilization, reform strategy