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Discussion on the Effective Development and Construction of College Sports Network Education Resources

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.027


Chao Ye, Changgui He

Corresponding Author

Chao Ye


China's computer network technology has developed rapidly and has gained widespread popularity in higher education. As a result, many higher education reform concepts with distance education as the core of development have begun to emerge. This is mainly due to the spread of information on contemporary online distance education, and its communication capabilities and resource sharing characteristics are very obvious. Under this background, the network resources of college physical education curriculum education has been continuously developed, mainly by using the two-way interactive technology of the network itself. This kind of educational resources directly and effectively supplements the defects and shortcomings of traditional physical education. Greatly promoted the development of China's sports education. The construction of network sports education resources in colleges and universities directly creates a new and open learning environment for students, and encourages students to establish the ideal of lifelong sports in their studies. This paper analyzes the development and construction of college sports network education resources, and briefly discusses them for reference.


College Sports, Network Education Resources, Development And Construction