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Research on Pre-school Education Theory Teaching in Normal Universities Based on Process Evaluation

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.023


Kong Yu, Wang Yeman

Corresponding Author

Kong Yu


Practical teaching is an important part of the pre-school education teacher training system in normal universities. Therefore, based on the process evaluation, the author has carried out in-depth research on the theoretical teaching of pre-school education in normal universities. This paper analyses the problems existing in the theoretical teaching of preschool education in normal universities, and puts forward corresponding improvement plans in order to improve the level of preschool education. After research and analysis, it is necessary to rethink the integration, integrity, diversity and guidance of the pre-school education practice teaching based on the particularity of pre-school education, and to complete the coordination of other systems of pre-school education. Constructing a reasonable preschool education practice teaching system plays an important role in promoting the professional development of preschool education in normal universities.


Process evaluation, pre-school education in higher education, theoretical teaching