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Discussion on Construction and Practice of Modern Distance Education Network Resource

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.021


Wenjun Liu, Jia Jin

Corresponding Author

Jia Jin


With the discovery of economy and the progress of modern science and technology, people's daily life can not be separated from computer technology. Because of the new requirements of the society, the modern distance education with the network as the core has gradually become the main direction of the higher education reform. Modern distance education has the advantages of good resource sharing and fast speed of information dissemination. The construction of network resources of distance education in physical education is the development and expansion of the traditional way of physical education and has promoted the development of modern physical education. The network physical education teaching resources can develop the teaching field of vision, has provided the open teaching environment for the student, is advantageous to the student all-round development.


Modern Sports, Distance Education, Network Resources