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Research on the Innovation of Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.059


Ping Liu

Corresponding Author

Ping Liu


Higher vocational colleges in the scale of higher education in China has accounted for "half of the country", become an important part of China's higher education. At present, innovative education for the purpose of cultivating students' innovative spirit and autonomous learning ability has put forward a series of reform requirements for the existing educational concepts, management system, operation mechanism and teaching methods for the purpose of teaching existing knowledge. This determines the vocational colleges must promptly change the mode of personnel training, change and innovation teaching management, to adapt to the overall promotion of quality education, training creative talent needs. As a basic activity and a central part of the management of higher vocational colleges, teaching management plays an important role and role in the school. It is the basis for the normal operation of teaching activities and an important guarantee for improving the quality of teaching. At present, the teaching management of higher vocational colleges is in a progressive stage of development.


Vocational Education, Innovation Research, Education Content.