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Effectiveness of Evidence-based Medicine in Clinical Teaching of Digestive Internal Medicine Based on Case Teaching Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.013


Zhang Mao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Mao


To explore the effect of follow-up medicine in clinical teaching of digestive medicine. Through the study of the traditional clinical teaching mode of digestive medicine, and the application of evidence-based medicine teaching in the clinical teaching of digestive medicine at present. The focus of its teaching method is to use the medical case to simulate in the classroom, to let students think about the process of handling cases, to cultivate students' handling of medical problems and the ability of students to think independently. According to the specialty characteristics of digestive medicine, case teaching combined with simulation teaching method is carried out in the clinical practice of medical students, which improves the clinical practice skills of medical students and forms a good clinical thinking, which is conducive to the transformation of medical students to clinicians.


Case teaching, Evidence-based medicine, Gastroenterology