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Work Process Oriented Curriculum Development Path

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.011


Wu Shaojie

Corresponding Author

Wu Shaojie


Learner autonomy has become a hot topic in the field of foreign language teaching in China. It is necessary to cultivate college students'autonomous learning ability in English. Strengthening the construction of vocational competence-oriented English curriculum is the inherent requirement of college education and the basic work of English teaching. It is argued that educators should pay attention to learners'emotional attitudes in the process of autonomous learning, and that cognitive strategy training, especially metacognitive strategy training, is a key factor in the successful construction of College English autonomous learning ability training model. Work-process-oriented curriculum development has become the mainstream direction of curriculum reform in Higher Vocational Education nowadays. Learners can consciously and actively study, change the unreasonable learning methods or methods before, and achieve better learning results. Students have a strong interest in learning English, can truly stimulate the cultivation of students' independent learning ability, take the work process as the guide, develop the university business English curriculum system according to the order of work process, promote the university business English teaching, train and improve students Comprehensive professional ability has great practical significance.


Work orientation, University, Self-regulated learning, Ability development