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Analysis of the Relationship between English Teaching and Regional Economic Development in Local Colleges and Universities Based on Industrial Development Dynamics

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.008


Hu Yuezhi

Corresponding Author

Hu Yuezhi


Language can promote economic development. English teaching in local colleges and universities should adhere to the educational concept of serving the regional economy and aim at training and transporting English application-oriented talents. English education in local colleges and universities promotes regional economic development. Regional economic development promotes English education in local colleges and universities, improves students'employment competitiveness. More importantly, it provides high-quality English talents for regional economic construction and enhances students' ability to serve the society. They promote each other and develop together. Focusing on the “practicality” and “concreteness” of English teaching, we should establish a complete system of multi-system participation and training, and actively mobilize the positive factors of enterprises, government and individual talents. Repositioning the training target and training mode of English human capital, offering high-efficiency expansion courses, and improving the employment competitiveness of students, this paper takes the industrial development trends as an example, and puts forward the relationship analysis between English teaching in colleges and universities and regional economic development.


Industry Development, Local Colleges and Universities, English Teaching, Regional Economy