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The Elbe River Trade from the Perspective of Civilization Exchange and Mutual Learning--Take the turn of the millennium as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.007


Sun Jingjing

Corresponding Author

Sun Jingjing


In the topic of “Deepening Mutual Learning among Civilizations and Building the Community of Asian Civilizations” of the Asian Civilizations Conference. The scientific historical view of “learning from each other in communication and developing in mutual learning” has been elaborated in detail. From the point of civilized exchanges and mutual learning, the trade of the Elbe river at the turn of the millennium has not only promoted the economic and trade exchanges between the various regions of Europe, but also promoted the exchange and understanding of the oriental civilization, Europe civilization and African civilization. And it has the universal significance in the world.


Mutual Learning of Civilizations, Development, Elbe River, Trade, Exchange