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Research on Case Education of Accounting and Auditing

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.058


Yan Zuo

Corresponding Author

Yan Zuo


Case teaching is based on the teaching case as the carrier, the case applied to teaching, through teacher teaching, organization of student discussion, writing case analysis report, teacher induction summary process to achieve the purpose of teaching, and then improve the theoretical level of students and practical ability of teaching methods. Case teaching reflects the purpose of quality education, which is essentially a research study, can become passive and change into a heuristic, so that students are actively involved in the state, is an effective teaching methods. Case teaching method is widely used in the practice of audit teaching. It has important practical significance to highlight the practical characteristics of teaching, to play the application function of teaching, to cultivate students' practical skills and to promote the reform and innovation of audit curriculum.


Case Education, Accounting and Auditing, Education Research.