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Research on Home Interaction and Influencing Factors of Preschool Children's Science Education Based on Innovative Thinking Training

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.002


Yu Zhanying

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhanying


To cultivate children's good scientific quality, kindergarten education alone is far from enough. Parents'support and cooperation should also be obtained. Home interaction is conducive to the development of early childhood science education activities. Early childhood is the period when thinking is extremely active and desire for knowledge is the most exuberant. Early childhood educators should make effective use of this period to cultivate children's good thinking habits and qualities. Innovative thinking is the core of human intelligence and the fundamental boundary between human beings and animals. With innovative thinking, people can know themselves and others, know people, my relationship, and our relationship, and become the master of the world. The family is actually an important partner of the kindergarten. Kindergartens must respect parents in principle, obtain parental understanding and support, and allow parents to actively participate in preschool education for young children. We should pay attention to and actively guide the development of preschool children's innovative thinking ability.


Preschool Education, Innovative Thinking, Family