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An application of direct digital frequency synthesizer at frequency transform circuit

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.136


Xiaohua Zhang, Juan Li, Baocheng Wang, Qunying Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaohua Zhang


This paper introduces a solution of frequency converter that generates a 10.24MHz high-stability signal from a 10MHz high-stability reference source. This design is based on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS). For DDS devices, internal or external high-order multiplier circuits are no longer used, and the output frequency and phase can be step-adjusted. The synthesized 10.24MHz signal can be used as a high-stability clock reference of the phase-locked loop circuit after subsequent noise suppression and filtering processing, thereby improving the accuracy and stability of the output signal frequency of the phase-locked loop circuit.


Frequency converter, noise suppression, filtering