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First-principles study of anisotropic optical properties of MgB2

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.134


Zhang Jun

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jun


By using the first principle of density general function in the study of superconductor MgB2, the anisotropic optical properties of superconductor MgB2 are derived. Through the basic theoretical research on the optical properties and the basic application of the calculation method, the optical spectroscopic and reflectance spectra of MgB2 are derived, and the atomic decomposition state density map of MgB2 is combined with the calculated reflectance spectrum and electron energy loss spectrum. Experimental analysis of each peak is carried out. Through the analysis of the optical spectrum, it is known that there are some differences between the x direction and the z direction in the optical spectrum, but it is not difficult to find the x in the electron energy loss spectrum. The direction is approximately the same as the z direction. From the data reflected from the optical spectrum, the first inter-band absorption peak in the x direction appears at 20000 cm-1, and the first interband absorption peak in the z direction appears at 40,000 cm-1 because of optical properties. Due to the temperature effect, at this time, by adding Lorentz to broaden, and finally through experimental calculation, the experimental results obtained are better than the original data, mainly because the position of the absorption peak between the bands has changed, compared with the previous position. There is a difference of 1000cm-1, but overall, there are no big problems. The overall data reflects the qualitative and quantitative specifics, in the latest error range of anisotropic photoconductive experiments.


MgB2, optical properties, first principle, superconductor