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Precipitation Characteristics and Main Influencing Factors in Pamir Plateau

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.132


Aikedai Salamu, Alim Abbas, Xamxinur Kirem

Corresponding Author

Xamxinur Kirem


Atmospheric precipitation is one of the most active elements in the atmosphere. It plays a very important role in the atmospheric process and energy cycle. The changes of precipitation strongly affect the hydrothermal conditions of a basin or region. Since the 19th century, the global climate has shown fluctuating warming, and many natural ecosystems have been affected by regional climate change. Pamir Plateau is a "pure natural mountain solid reservoir". Its melting will not only affect the rivers it can cover, but also reveal the characteristics of climate change. So, it is of great reference value to study the climate change in Pamir by detecting the variation of precipitation in the Pamir Plateau. This paper first introduces the geographical location of the Pamir Plateau. Then this paper analyses the precipitation of Pamir Plateau in recent decades. Finally, the main influencing factors are analyzed.


Precipitation characteristics, Influencing Factors, Pamir plateau