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DroneGo disaster response system based on genetic algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.122


Yongjie Gui, Qiang Luo, Yubin Yue, Liang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yongjie Gui


This paper firstly we established an integer programming optimization model according to the type and quantity of medical packages required by each hospital, and obtained the type of the drone cargo bay required to transport the medical packages, and then determined the types of drones (C, E, F, G) that transport the medical packages. Combined with the actual situation of drone flight range, the option to use one or two standard containers was excluded. Finally, we established the DroneGo disaster response system with three ISO cargo containers drone to enhance Puerto Rico's ability to respond to hurricane disasters.


Integer programming, Disaster response, Drone, Genetic algorithm, Packing problem