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A study on the DroneGo disaster response system

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.121


Long Qian, Keyi Wang, Qi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Long Qian


In this paper,we design a DroneGo disaster response system to support the hurricane catastrophe in Puerto Rico.We set the medicine demand of five hospitals a day as a medical package. We use the three-dimensional boxing model to list the maximum objective function,and we introduce the new constraints of the center of gravity, sequencing rules, and use the greedy algorithm to determine the number of drone fleets and medicines in the container.We determine the location of the three ports by the population density and the distance limit of the drones. Then, we calculate the coverage of the drone, and compared the number of roads covered with the total number of roads to obtain the coverage probability of the road by aerial photography.


DroneGo disaster response system, Packing model, Greedy algorithm, Model optimization