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Louvre evacuation route planning based on ant colony algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.118


Xintong Ding, Huachang Wu, Junxi Qiu, Qinghua Deng

Corresponding Author

Xintong Ding


In this paper, in order to evacuate the personnel in the building under a potential threat, the floor topology and the node map are established for preliminary model analysis using the Ant Colony Algorithm. In the analysis, different needs for path planning of evacuators and emergency personnel are considered and the preliminary evacuation model is modified to acquire a three-dimensional dynamic evacuation model for multi-layer buildings which can be commonly applied in a variety of emergencies. To update the path planning in real time, the WSN is introduced to realize the real-time monitoring and data update and develop the latest evacuation plan.


Evacuation, path planning, Ant Colony Algorithm, Queuing Theory