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Market Forecasting Planning Model Based on Improved Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.114


Hao Wu, Yanlin Xiao

Corresponding Author

Hao Wu


In the case of China's growth-oriented technology innovation enterprise financing becomes a short-term, the domestic market is evaluated and forecasted by reference to the average market-selling rate of NASDAQ listed companies in the same type of market in the United States, and then the domestic market is evaluated. Planning. And the company's profit growth rate in the development stage is extremely fast, which leads to the traditional valuation method not applicable to the valuation of China's science and technology listed companies. At the same time, Kechuang Board provides a channel for financing SMEs in China, which is conducive to promoting the change of China's industrial structure, but the key to its development lies in the accurate valuation of listed companies. After processing the data by the wavelet analysis singularity method, the gray prediction model of the trend mobile neural network is used to predict the valuation level to more reasonably evaluate the listed company. Gray prediction and timing prediction are used according to the sub data type.


Listed enterprise evaluation, wavelet analysis singularity method, grey prediction, time series prediction