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Opioid Control Research Based on BP neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.113


Yu Zhou, Xuemei Liu, Haoyang Miao, Fanyu Zhao, Tianxin Liu

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhou


In this passage, we first analyze the data. And use the gray correlation degree to find the correlation degree between the counties. Then find out the source of specific opioids used--Philadelphia County. Next, we obtain the spread and characteristics of the incidents (cases) at the position level. Finally, based on the two factors of time and position, we establish a BP neural network model based on time and position. and then classified, and finally classified into five types of factors the neural network model based on control is established. finally, based on the conclusions obtained in the part one and two, we model the factor analysis method to analyze the main reason of affecting the abuse of opioids. According to the numerical size of the contribution rate can simplify the five main reasons to two.


Control neural network, genetic algorithm, relative comparison optimization algorithm