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Study on the Construction and Utilization of Artistic Network Teaching Resources in the Background of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.055


Haolin Liao

Corresponding Author

Haolin Liao


The construction of teaching resources is the basis of educational information, its connotation is to attach importance to the quality of digital teaching resources and the use of network information resources, information technology as an important means to improve the quality of teaching, to strengthen the sharing of quality teaching resources. Art institutions of information construction than ordinary institutions late, and because of its teaching content, patterns and resources of various types of characteristics, to the network resource construction has brought greater challenges. Through the analysis of the status quo of the network teaching resource library of art colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the basic principles and construction ideas of the resource library, and discusses the main contents of the resource library.


Internet +, Artistic Network Teaching Resource, Construction.