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Design of Intelligent Logistics AGV Car Terminal System

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.104


Junjun Huang

Corresponding Author

Junjun Huang


AGV is the abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle. It refers to the equipment of electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance device, which can follow the prescribed driving path and has the function of safety protection. This design mainly explains the development history, types, structure design and technical parameters of the AGV guided car, and puts forward the research content of the AGV guided car design; then explains the overall design of the AGV guided car, and describes the selection of sensors and specifications in detail; in the mechanical design part of the AGV guided car, the wheel axle is described. This is also the main part of this design. Then starting from the structure of the car, Pro/E is used to build the three-dimensional model of the car. The selection of servo drive motor, gear design and selection, as well as the choice of driving mode and wheel are described in detail. Finally, the layout of the sensor is explained.


AGV, Autopilot Car, Walking Strategy, Sensor, Motor Drive