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Design and Error Analysis of Material Sorting System Based on Machine Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/isrme.2019.103


Zhang Weifen, Li Yongmei, Qian Ru

Corresponding Author

Zhang Weifen


A material sorting system based on machine vision technology is designed in the paper, which is mainly used in the packaging sorting industry. The material sorting system was built using assembly line belts, speed control motors, photoelectric sensors, ccd, mechanical arm, controllers, etc. The coordinate system involved in the system and the method of tracking and grabbing by the mechanical arm are introduced in the paper. Experiments were carried out on the material system and the relevant errors were analyzed in detail. DH model calibration error, tool coordinate system calibration error, CCD-ROBOT calibration error, CCD static data error, CCD dynamic data error, conveyor belt and manipulator calibration error are all anaylyzed. Finally, the overall error is analyzed. The experiment shows that the system can meet the needs of the mechanical arm to grab materials.


Machine Vision, Material Sorting System, Error Analysis,